Backpage Profile: Holding on to summer kid

With wind rustling the trees and grey clouds blanketing the sky, you wake up and immediately check the weather on your phone. “High of 40, low of 30” it reads.

“Perfect! I know exactly what I’ll wear!” you say while putting on a pair of board shorts and tank top.

“It’s pouring rain. Drive carefully!” your mom yells downstairs as you finish your popsicle for breakfast, slip on your flip-flops, and run out the door without a jacket.

Driving to school — sunroof down and wind in your face — you find yourself frustrated at all the radio stations playing Christmas music instead of Despacito.

Bored in first period, you scroll through your beach pictures from Mexico last summer to find the perfect one for Instagram. You debate between “Take me back” or “I’d rather be in Cabo than stressing about finals” as the caption while gazing at the storm clouds out the window.

At lunch, you invite some friends to go swimming in the lake on Saturday. “Sorry, I’m going skiing,” Not realizing the mountains were even open for the year, you’re disappointed no one can come. “Let’s have a BBQ next week instead,” you say.

After school, you go to Starbucks. Grabbing your iced coffee, you’re confused with everyone’s orders of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and various other hot drinks.

Arriving home, you start your new DECA project: a lemonade stand! Gathering the table, cups, and pitcher of water, you head outside to set up. “I’m hoping to put the profit from these sales towards my college fund,” you explain to a neighbor walking by wrapped in a down parka.

You spend every day in denial that summer ended. It will always be summer as long as you believe it.
Holding on to summer kid, you’re one of us.