Teachers who hole-punch your papers

Aria Soeprono, Opinion Editor

When did your teachers stop handing out pre-hole punched assignments? Maybe for you this significant milestone of life has not yet been reached. If that is the case, take some time today to appreciate your papers that can be immediately put into your binder with no extra effort of using the 3-hole punch. Although it seems insignificant, this small act of kindness contributes to both organization and general well-being of all students. When papers are handed out without binder holes and the teacher doesn’t even have a three-hole punch in their room, students end up frantically shoving their papers in the bottom of the bag when the bell rings. So the teachers that care to put in that extra effort to help their students stay organized deserve a round of applause. Papers sans-holes are plentiful after sophomore year, so make sure to enjoy this luxury while it lasts — if you still can.