BP Profile: Sad School Is Over Kid

You wake up, but the sweet siren sound of your alarm is not there to greet you. You lay there for hours, your mood becoming worse and worse as the realization sets in: summer has begun.

You consider trying to sleep until fall, but eventually give up on that. Finally crawling out of bed, you slumber your way into the kitchen to grab some breakfast. The rest of your family is still asleep; you have to get up early to prepare for the next school year. You check your schedule for the day, seeing that it is time for your daily crying session, mourning for the end of the school year. The grind is gone, and you don’t know what to do with yourself.

In a frenzy for something to do, you decide that there is only one viable option to get the most out of your summer: break into the school and get every single textbook there is, from The Cultural Landscape to America: A Narrative History. You break open the front windows and make your way to the book rooms, and take every one in there, satisfying your need for schoolwork.

But you want more. Barely anything can satisfy your intense, barbaric need for the BIZKNO. In an attempt to satiate the beast inside, you log on to your MasteringChemistry account, only to find that your subscription is no longer active. In a struggle to do more, you go onto Khan Academy, Desmos, VHL Central, all in attempts to satisfy your craving for knowledge.

Finally ending the day, you lie in bed and think about the long, arduous summer break until school, but the thought of school calms you to sleep.

Sad School is Over Kid, you’re one of us.