BP Profile: First World Problems Kid

You wake up from a horrible night’s sleep; your laptop’s screen was lit up all night and you were too lazy to get out of bed and close it. To make matters worse, you forgot to plug in your phone last night. You’re only at 97%!
You think to yourself, “How am I going to survive the day without my phone?” before getting into your BMW and heading to Starbucks.
“I don’t know if they had something against me, but I specifically asked for my drink to be 354.9 degrees Kelvin and with extra whipped cream. There were only like twenty other people in there; how busy could they have been?” you vent to your friend while walking into school, unable to comprehend the horror of waiting in a line.
First period you run out of lead for your mechanical pencil so you have to resort to a normal pencil. “Why does the world hate me?” you contemplate missing the squishy grip of the mechanical pencil. And to top it all off, your VPN stops working so you can’t check Snapchat the whole period.
Once back at home, you’re extremely hungry so you look in your completely-stocked fridge, but find nothing to eat! And the full pantry doesn’t help either when you again can’t find anything worthy.
When you sit down to watch Netflix later that night, you come across two major problems. First, you don’t know what to watch. There are so many options it’s too overwhelming. Secondly, your TV is so big it gives you a headache. “Why me?” you groan as you head to bed.
Your life goes on and these problems never stop. But you’ll survive. We believe in you.
First World Problems Kid, you’re one of us.