BP Profile: Always pranking kid

First thing you do when you wake up every morning is grab your air horn and run to your sister’s room. She’s about to be pranked. BWAAAAPPPP. Satisfied that she has been properly woken up, you grab your whoopee cushion and head downstairs.
You treat your family to a lovely breakfast of pancakes and whipped cream, but the jokes on them; it’s shaving cream. As they run to the bathroom to throw up, they trip over your cleverly placed saran wrap trip wire and take a spill on the floor. Another perfectly executed set of pranks.
On the bus to school, you manage to slip whoopee cushions under several victims foolish enough to stand up for even a second.
In second period, your classmate reaches in his backpack only to discover that is has been zip tied shut.
In math, you give your table group all the answers to the quiz — all the wrong answers, that is.
And finally, in 4th period, you slap your friend straight across the face, diffusing his anger with a classic, “it’s just a prank bro.”
After school, you bring some friends back to your house. You have to host ever since you were banned from their houses in fear of a TPing or egging (which is completely unfair, but understandable).
Once inside, you offer them caramel apples. Little do they know they’re not apples at all, but onions. Yet another flawlessly planned prank on your part.
Before bed you switch your sister’s toothpaste with lotion, preparing to set a daily PR (Prank Record).
Always pranking kid, you’re one of us.