Backpage Profile: Always singing kid

You get out of bed on Tuesday morning screaming “Don’t Wake Me Up.” Remembering how late you stayed up retweeting memes, you question if it was “Worth It.”
Driving to Liberty, you think about how “Life is a Highway” as you hit the “Gas Pedal.” When you pull into park, you sing “Oops!…I did it Again” as you realize that you’re “Closer” to the next parking spot than you should be.
Your first class happens to be U.S. History, which you lovingly nickname “Party in the USA.” As you slide into you seat, you greet your tablemate by saying, “Hey Jude.”
For lunch, you “Ride” with your friend to Subway and order your sandwich while thinking “I Want It That Way”. Once you have “The Greatest” sandwich, you drive back to school on the “Highway to Hell.”
Once back, you head to English where you continue working on a group project, thinking “Don’t Let Me Down” as you look at your group members. After brainstorming ideas, you realize you are “Stressed Out”, and your mind is just a “Blank Space”. Sighing, you say “We’re All in This Together”.
During your basketball game, your “Moves Like Jagger” were too good for the opposing team. I’m the best basketball player the world has ever seen. I mean, “Am I Wrong”?
That night, you go to the library to do your homework so you aren’t “Up All Night” in hopes that the “Library Magic” will help you study for your pre-calculus quiz tomorrow. You go through life singing everything you do. There’s always a song for any situation, and always a time to sing it.
Always Singing Kid, you’re one of us.