Backpage guide: LHS Course Descriptions

Adam Flash, Backpage Editor

The new school year is already almost two months in and here at the Backpage we believe it’s never too early to start thinking about classes for the 2017-2018 school year. While you could take more popular classes like Culinary Arts or Guided Study, here are a few of the totally real less popular classes being offered next year:

Farm to Bowl:
This class will help students develop the skills needed to pursue a career in the production (and potential consumption) of food and other commonly grown products. Students will learn how to take advantage of the Earth’s natural resources for production on different scales, while also taking a look at how professional farmers are able to mass produce crops without leaving any trace behind them. The history of farming methods and production of various substances throughout the ages will be briefly addressed as well. Throughout this semester long course, students will be completing various vegetarian and plant life projects specific to the regions of Washington, Colorado, and Portland, Oregon. At the end of this course the class will also participate in a gardening project on campus including weeding the garden and potting more plants.

AP Memeing:
Have you ever wondered how the Harambe, Pepe, Spongebob, John Cena, or Dat Boi memes are created and how they became sensations? Well then this is the class for you! Throughout this course students will be exploring the trends in memes and analyzing how they became so popular. Students will discuss all types of memes and how to get the most amounts of likes on your original memes after posting them to Myspace, Tinder or the Gram. Students will also analyze the deeper meaning of these memes and how they relate to human nature. Teachers of other classes (like Learn and Earn or DECA) will try and convince you to take their class because it will prepare you for the future, but mark our words, AP Memeing will be the single most useful class for preparing you for life.

How to Be Aesthetic 101:
This class is for everyone who is disappointed at the amount of Twitter followers they have. Or for the people who are confused at which Snapchat filter fits them the best. Have you ever thought to yourself, “I have nothing to live for because I’m not as popular as Selena Gomez with her 100+ million Insta followers”?
This class will help you develop the skills to reach a tiny fraction of that number! Students will learn the real reasons for social media popularity, how to get absolute perfect lighting for selfies, or even what it takes to get verified.
Students will spend a few weeks analyzing celebrities’ every single move and conveniently finding out where they are to take field trips there. By the end of this class, you will confidently be able to take Snapchat videos zooming in on people’s faces without them knowing. We encourage anyone, regardless of follower count, to take this class. We 100% guarantee that by the end, students will walk out with 0.1 times the followers they started with!