Backpage Profile: Early-onset senioritis kid

The warning signs started off small. Innocent. You spent hours watching Netflix. You didn’t to start homework until 9 pm. You spent hours googling pictures of baby animals.
But by the time second semester hits, things have taken a turn for the worse. It’s harder and harder to drag yourself out of bed. You have your dog do your homework. You answer test questions with interpretive drawings.
What is happening to you? You turn to your parents for help. They don’t care. You ask your doctor. He says it’s all in your head. You even approach Zuchli for a scientific answer, but he shouts something about cheeseballs and throws you to the curb. But you know, you know there must be some explanation. A logical reason you feel a complete and utter lack of motivation. God, what is this crushing disease? What have you done to deserve this?
Suddenly, it hits you. You know what you have. No, it can’t be true. Surely not. You’re so young! There’s so much left you want to accomplish! It takes you many dark hours of pondering, of confronting the very essence of your soul, before you are finally able to muster your courage, and swallow your pride. You finally admit it to yourself and to the world: you’ve have come down with a fatal case of senioritis. You choke back a sob, knowing that treatment is limited and the road to recovery is long and painful. And the worst part? You’re only a sophomore. Early-Onset-Senioritis-Kid, you’re one of us.