Who am I? Kid

For years, you’ve gone through life with ease. Then one day in high school, your simple world is shattered—you find yourself questioning life, your future, destiny, the real purpose of Snuggies, You find yourself filled with… with so many…questions.
What is the meaning of life? Do you matter? What exactly are you doing here? Figuratively, but also, like… why are you right here. Hang on, what about that burrito you had for lunch? Is that symbolic? Where should you be now? Did Bill Gates watch as much Netflix as you do? Probably not; he invented Microsoft. God, do you have to invent something? At what age should genius strike?
And about the future… what’s the plan there? Financially? Socially? Agriculturally?
You should probably go to college. But that’s so expensive. And hard. Not to mention, Snoop Dogg didn’t go to college and you’re basically Snoop Dogg right? Well, maybe you could at least look into Clown College. But how stable can a career in clowning be? You’ll definitely need to be able to support, like, a minimum of four cats in the future. Maybe snakes would be cheaper? But who has snakes these days? Or is it whom…?
You feel overwhelmed. Life has too many questions, too many unknowns. It’s almost like… transitioning into adulthood means accepting more responsibility, more doubt and the pressure to make more decisions in your life. God, why didn’t someone warn you? Who Am I Kid, you’re one of us.