Overly-obsessed celeb crush kid

In the crowd, surrounded by screaming girls, you frantically cheer for Justin Bieber who is up on stage singing. Suddenly, he points at you. In front of everyone, he invites you up on stage and all of a sudden you are “One Less Lonely Girl”. Up close to Justin, you can see his chocolate brown eyes, his dwarf-like, sweaty body, and perfect hair. He starts serenading you with his song “Baby.”
Abruptly, you open your eyes. Justin’s golden voice was only your alarm clock. Disappointment fills you. Yet, you are consoled by the thought that your dream will, obviously, one day be a reality.
From your bed, you speak to your life size cut out of Justin, and tell him that you stayed a fan of him, even when he had a baby voice, was put in jail, and almost deported. Like Buchli’s undying passion for cheeseballs, your love for Justin did not falter.
Out of bed, you roll over to your laptop and log on to see the background you had photo- shopped of Justin Bieber holding your hand. Opening the website for Bieb’s fan club, you notice that a surprise meeting has been scheduled at a local church, appropriate considering Justin is a god.
In the car, you pull up the Justin Bieber tracker app and drive around your neighborhood, checking if he’s within 200 miles of you. You suspect he’s around because you have commented your street address on every one of his Instagram posts. Overly-Obsessed Celeb Crush Kid, you’re one of us.