Ridiculous dress codes on the rise, gender equality in decline

Betsy Faris, News Editor

Yoga pants, dresses and bra straps oh my! It seems almost every week I am seeing a new picture of a girl, in a seemingly acceptable outfit, who has faced the wrath of school dress codes. Outraged parents post pictures of their victimized children on Facebook in an effort to gain supporters. With the frequency I see these pictures, it’s absolutely necessary to address this obnoxious and unfair issue. The first time I was “dress coded”, I was in the seventh grade. I was wearing jeans, converse and an orange shirt that was a little too big in the shoulder area. Therefore, it continuously fell off of one of my shoulders throughout the day. At lunch, the school’s counselor pulled me aside and physically pulled up my shirt and safety pinned it to my bra strap, because God forbid anyone knew I was in seventh grade and wore a bra. *gasp* This strap of fabric that sometimes peers through clothing has been seriously over- sexualized, because I seriously doubt any boy in the real world would find a bra strap attractive. Moving onto yoga pants. They are the equivalent of sweatpants in my eyes, and by saying girls can’t wear them because “it will distract boys” is completely unfair. They are basically saying boys will be boys, and therefore girls have to change their own lives instead of teaching boys that girls aren’t objects. I understand the administrators desire to keep school a working environment, so therefore limiting the types of clothing students can wear. Dress codes just seem a little more directed towards females, which isn’t fair. Think about it: I can’t wear yoga pants, but a boy can wear saggy gangster pants with his butt hanging out?