Way too early for Christmas kid

You sit in your kitchen, anxiously checking the clock every half second. Once the hand flips to 12:00, signifying the official end of October, you rise in a frenzy. It’s Christmas season, baby.
You rush through your house, replacing everything with Christmas-themed objects. The plain place-mats become ones adorned with dancing snowmen. The white sheets on your bed are transformed into festive candy cane ones. The chairs in the kitchen are chucked in the dumpster and… well, you don’t actually have Christmas chairs but those were ugly anyways.
Ignoring the advice of the fire department, you thread a string of lights under your sheets and in your pillow so your bed will have an angel-like glow. You begin a diet of strictly red and green foods. You can finally wear your Christmas sweaters in public, instead of hiding them underneath your regular clothes like you normally do.
Then, on November 2, something makes you pause for a moment and reflect. Is this really what Christmas is about? The lights, the presents, the tacky decorations? Or is it about something deeper, more meaningful, something like love or family?
Wait…nope. Of course this is what Christmas is about. God, you almost went off the deep end. You shake your head and give a little smile as you continue wrestling a Santa costume onto your goldfish. Way Too Early For Christmas Kid, you’re one of us.