Top 12 ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers

Paige Hopkins, Backpage Editor

  1. As a test of intelligence, hide various food in the Y-Lab. See how long it takes the yearbook kids to notice.
  2. In lieu of the traditional highlighter, use cranberry sauce for your notes. As an added bonus, your homework will also be identifiable solely by smell.
  3. To recapture the youthful glow of middle school, apply the mashed potatoes as a facial mask.
  4. Extract the fat from the turkey and use it to hibernate until June rolls around.
  5. Rather than use traditional gas to fill up your car, pour some gravy in there and use it as biofuel.
  6. Give your leftover pies to Mrs. Kruzich (to be thrown at a certain teacher…).
  7. Construct a rope out of green beans and use it to climb out the window during class lectures.
  8. Replicate Pavlov’s classic experiment—train your dog to salivate on command by giving them a piece of turkey every time you ring a bell (optional: can substitute a sibling for the dog).
  9. In lieu of a concealed carry weapon, hide rolls in your purse and use them as ammunition on Black Friday.
  10. Use the turkey to set a trap for raccoons, and keep them as pets.
  11. Taunt your favorite vegetarian science teacher with the delicious smell of turkey.
  12. Use the whipped cream to create a beard, and earn some extra cash by working as a Santa for the holiday season.