Humans of Liberty: Freshman Cartoonist, Toshin Rao

Skyler Radford and Allie Bowe

“My first comic was called Peter the Pan, and it was about a magic frying pan. It was really stupid; I made it in third grade. I sell my comic books and posters. Selling my stuff is how I bought my Xbox 1, but I can also paint and animate. I’m getting pretty good at animation, because I took a lot of classes for it, but it’s pretty hard. I’m actually working on a big animation project right now. It’s about a man who is half fish, and it’s really difficult. The process is very repetitive. You have to make the characters very simple because you’re drawing them over and over again. It’s worth it at the end though. I wear the same outfit every day because I like cartoons, and in TV shows the characters usually wear the same outfits every day, so I decided to do that. I thought it’d be funny.”