The only senior in a freshman class kid

You push open the door on the first day and walk in. All activity grinds to a halt. Everyone stares at you in a stunned silence. Walking to your seat, you try to avoid eye-contact. Unfortunately this is your life for the next semester—you’re the lone senior in a class full of freshman.
At first, you try to integrate yourself into the freshman population. You wear a backwards hat to look “hip”, ride a skateboard to class (which is actually your sister’s scooter, because you don’t have one) and end every sentence with “word.”
But the freshman still shun you, knowing that without any others seniors to back you up, you’re powerless. You’re a wolf without his pack. A lion without his pride. A moose without… the other meese. You sit in the corner, randomly typing letters in your phone under the facade of texting. Even the teacher doesn’t want to jeopardize her social standing by being seen talking with you—she plays deaf when you ask her a question.
Towards the end of the semester,you grow increasingly frustrated. You know you are better than these people. You know you have at least 3 friends outside of this class (counting grandparents). If only these people could see it. Desperate to prove your worth, you pull out your phone to show some photos of you and your other senior friends. But alas, all you can find are selfies you’ve taken with your cat. The-Only Senior-In-A-Freshman-Class-Kid, you’re one of us.