College students tell all: Sage advice for college apps

Jacqueline Rayfield, Editor-in-Chief

All those meticulously edited essays, carefully worded extra-curriculars, totally impartial recommendation letters –all a waste of time. Luckily for you, some of Liberty’s former students are here to tell you how to actually stand out in your application.
“The essay is really key,” Princetone freshman Gudi Tooshoos said. “It really needs to show why you are a good fit for the school where you are applying.”
When choosing the essay topic, college students suggested that applicants be creative.
“Never answer the actual prompt. That’s what everyone else will be doing, and you want to stand out,” Stumford student Pan Tsonfiya said. “And if you don’t have anything interesting to talk about, just make something up! I wrote my essay on riding walruses in Uganda. There’s no way I could get a rejection with an essay like that.”
Other students, however, had a different perspective.
“You don’t want to come off as over-eager,” Harvturd University freshman Idi O’Cee said. “Colleges need to know you have other options and aren’t that interested, so you really shouldn’t write an essay at all.”
But the college essay wasn’t the only part of the application that these college students discussed: when to send in your application was also hotly debated.
“Early Action is a terrible idea,” O’Cee said. “You want the colleges to be desperate so they come running to you; apply at the last moment possible.”
Yule University student Hearfo Daparties took this philosophy even further.
“Don’t send in your application at all. Why risk the rejection? Just show up on the first day of classes – it’ll take at least a few weeks for anyone to notice you’re not a student, and by then what can they do?” Daparties said. “Besides, you can still join a frat and that’s all that matters.”
Perhaps the best advice of all came from former Liberty student Counta Fita.
“College is basically pointless,” Fita said. “Why go at all when you can just make your own diploma with cardstock and colored ink?”