The Interview: a backpage review

Connor Cherry, Backpage Editor

Dear Kim Jong Un,

We at the Backpage have a bone to pick with you over the recent hacking of the Sony servers by your government. While we don’t usually mind your threats of nuclear annihilation, your nation’s recent actions have gone too far. Disrupting the American pastime of spending Christmas at a movie theatre eating $12 popcorn is a crime against humanity. The gloves are coming off now, Kim. To that end we are reviewing the movie your government does not want the world to see: Seth Rogen and James Franco’s “The Interview”.

For those who are unaware, “The Interview” is the recent comedy from the minds behind such classics as “Superbad” and “Pineapple Express”. Despite the serious setting, the usual Seth Rogen hijinks are all there. The film is chock-full of crass, low-brow humor that delivers the laughs. The film makers should be commended for squeezing in their usual brand of gags and jokes. Franco and Rogen both deliver great performance that perfectly satirize American entertainment hosts, but the real star of the show however is Kim Jong Un, played by Randall Park. He plays a very convincing Kim while maintaining comedic effect. The film wouldn’t be controversial if it wasn’t set in one of the most repressive states in the world. In fact North Korea barely beats out Liberty on the U.N.’s repression scale. The U.N. agreed that North Korean death camps are barely worse than Liberty’s new Wednesday schedule. However, in true American fashion, Rogen and Franco were able to deliver and not back down despite the terrorist threats from North Korea’s crack – hacking team, The Guardians of Peace. For that reason we give “The Interview “ 4.5 nuclear weapons out of five and put it on the must-watch list of movies for 2015. But we are not done yet, Kim Jong Un.

You see, Mr. Un, we have something you don’t. That something is our American ingenuity and perseverance. You can attempt to tear us down and we will take those blows, but we will never falter. America is number one, Mr. Un, and you can’t change that. No threat of nuclear war can stop us from buying SUVs, overeating, putting the dumbest members of this great nation on TV or exploiting Native Americans for gambling and fireworks. We will always be the best and until your nation changes the national anthem to the Star Spangled Banner and figures out how to break Liberty’s web filter, you will never be able to surpass the freedom that is contained within the borders of the United States.

We will not be submissive Mr. Un, that’s supposed to be your job. Yes neither of us can figure out how make school lunch nutritious or know how to leave a parking lot in an orderly fashion but we are still better than you. We will continue to make crass, low-brow comedies and you can’t do anything to stop us. As James Franco says in the movie, “You hate us cause you ain’t us.” Stay mediocre, Pyongyang.