Classic movies: what society doesn’t want you to know

Whether you grew up with them, or are seeing them for the first time, classic movies are the comfort food of the cinematic realm. Unbeknownst to most, however, many are gems of untold wisdom. For your edification and delight, we present these same masterpieces in new light—the world will never be the same.

Jordan Carlson and Connor Cherry

“Lion King”

Lion King may very well be the most underappreciated cinematic piece of our generation. While certainly sporting award-winning music, flawless animation and superior voice casting, it’s the message behind the pretty lyrics and illustrations that makes it priceless. The message I’m referring to isn’t one of a pathetic lion finding his place in some eternal design; it’s a warning. The darkness of the Elephant Graveyard and the evil that resides there both allude to the dangers of global dimming: a phenomenon resultant of widespread pollution. If we continue to treat Earth like a garbage dump, it may very well become a land devoid of happiness and sunlight. Undoubtedly a movie of prophetic forethought and environmental stewardship, Lion King is a true milestone in the path towards a more sustainable Earth.


“Star Wars”

Here at the Backpage, we love everything that “Star Wars” stands for: ancient visual effects, lots of lasers, flashing lights, weird-looking alien people, and—most importantly—precious familial relationships. “Star Wars” is often heralded as the beginning of a new era of science fiction film, even the hallmark of a new generation of entertainment. Yet it doesn’t receive respect for its depiction of the family unit. Apart from the flexibility of amorous sibling relationships, the movie’s rendition of Luke and Anakin Skywalker’s moving father-son relationship is one of unconditional love, devotion and nuanced complexity. We can all make it a goal to be as forgiving as Luke Skywalker. After all, it’s hard to feel any compassion for something as shriveled and pale as his dad. And yet, Luke finds a way: truly, an emotional masterpiece of elephantine proportions.



A riveting story of romantic tragedy, “Titanic” captivates audiences with the quick-paced, suspenseful epic of forbidden love between protagonists Jack and Rose. We at the Backpage, however, have done the world a favor, digging beneath the sentimental, superficial drivel of “Titanic,” unveiling the horrific social commentary hidden beneath—a conspiracy, to be sure, of incredible magnitude. “Titanic” is no tale of unconditional love, but a condemnation of social equality. Sure, the love between Jack and Rose transcends the social stratification between them, but what comes of it? The ship sinks. Jack dies. Rose grows old with another man. James Cameron’s message is clear: when people try to break social barriers, out of love even, hell breaks loose. Thoroughly disgusted by the message this movie conveys, we still cannot help but recommend it, if nothing else, for Leonardo DiCaprio.