Me Monster kid

After another long weekend of the usual shenanigans, Monday rolls into town again. The alarm goes off, springing into action the morning routine that we are all accustomed to by now. You drive to school ready to regale your friends with tales of the weekend’s adventures. The usual suspects assemble at the lunch table in the minutes before first bell ready to tell all about everything that happened.

Your friend starts off the conversation by talking about the nice seafood dinner he had on Saturday. Sounds like a nice weekend but you are positive that your friends would much rather here about the grand adventures you had than the peasantry that is a seafood dinner. You then say “That’s nice, here’s what I did—” before describing the most lavish weekend since Dan Bilzerian began documenting his life on Instagram.

Dinner at Daniel’s Broiler Friday, followed by a track day with the bros Saturday using the latest and greatest automobiles followed by a quick run up to the pass for night skiing, topping it off with acceptance into a prestigious out of state college on Sunday. Week after week, the group puts up with your lavish tales before they draw a line in the sand and play your game. You come to the table and before you can say a word, they all talk about their great weekends in rapid fire succession. Seahawks game on one day, Husky game on the other followed by several concerts. The bell rings and you go to class thinking to yourself, they shouldn’t talk about just themselves. Me Monster Kid, you’re one of us.