Everything you need to know about early 2000s Subarus

Early 2000s Subaru: The official car of teenage hoonigans with something to prove at every red light and wet road. This specimen, along with various Volkswagens and domestic SUVs, is one of the quintessentially American teenage cars. Owners of such fine automobiles should be aware of the following facts so they can hype their ride.


Boxer Engine>V12
While a Honda S2000 red lines at 9000 RPMs, the early 2000s Subaru has a much more reasonable redline of 7000 RPMs
Stickers add horsepower to any Subaru
The JDM nature of your Subaru gives you mad street cred
Subaru all-wheel drive beats Audi Quattro, BMW X Drive and the M1 Abrams tank off road
A Subaru is just as dependable as a fridge for surviving an atomic attack
Mud flaps add fifteen horsepower
Every Subaru comes loaded with Carnation® Breakfast Essentials in the glove box
The type of Subaru you drive is a direct representation of the person you are
Japan could have won WW2 if their planes were powered by Subaru
Adding a new stereo to your Subaru without altering the speakers increases the sound quality tenfold
The State Car of Washington is a Subaru
Putting a catback or straight pipe exhaust on you Subaru makes you cool
When you roll the Subie to Jack In The Box, you get free curly fries