“I’m an adult!” kid

Jordan Carlson, Backpage Editor

With your senior year comes the legendary eighteenth birthday, a day in which over-celebrating becomes the norm. The day arrives that you’ve long awaited, and you can now say, with unquenchable pride-“I’m an adult!” Your new lifestyle ignites with legalities you never thought you could experience: voting rights, the ability to purchase waste-of-money lotto tickets and dry ice, the possibility of getting a screaming eagle permanently embedded into your skin at your own will: and, of course, the ability to legally sign your name on any document (especially the tedious high school syllabi and athletic forms). Your whole life is ahead of you and you’re free to do around five new jaw-dropping activities than you couldn’t have done a day ago. As immeasurable and unmatchable your passion is about this new age, the reality is that you are still in high school, so cool your jets, Turbo. Also, forget the fact that you’re still living in your parents’ house, without a job, and eating home-made filet mignon, and driving your parents’ car with your oh-so-precious, freshly printed, and landscaped driver’s license containing the almighty selfie of the century. Congratulations kid, you’re finally an adult, which means it’s time to say goodbye to your underclassmen intimacies, and say hello to night club abstinence. You’re an adult now and everyone needs to know! And that’s what matters most to you. I’m an adult kid, you’re one of us.