Overly Hipster Kid

You see them walking down the hallways with their Goodwill ugly sweaters and too-tight skinny jeans. They have on their headphones listening to an underground Scottish indie band that you have never heard of. When questioned about their liking of The Killers they will defend to no end that they liked them before it was cool. They also have to constantly remind you that they are a bigger fan than you because they have seen them in concert ten times. At lunch they quietly sip on their Starbucks and scan the lunchroom through their thick rimmed Ray Bands and scorn all of us plebeians for being brainwashed by mainstream society. During class they are always on their white iPhone that their parents bought them, updating their blog on the injustices that occur to them at this middle class suburban high school such as the spicy chicken sandwiches not being organic. They are up in arms with Mrs. Dennis about the missing compost bins and are upset over the top forty songs played in the lunchroom on Fridays. On the weekends you can find them in downtown Seattle roaming around Pike Place searching for the sweaters made out of hemp and also being mistaken for homeless people. No matter what, this kid will always be cooler than you. Overly Hipster Kid you’re one of us.