This is it; your senior year has finally arrived. You go through the halls knowing that this year will be your last. You suffer heavily from S.M.H.A.D.: Senior Memory Hyper-Awareness Disorder. Well-known symptoms of this condition are intense revelations that these are your last moments as a senior. You’re finally ready for the laziest year of your high school career. Your last hoorah of hard work goes to senior interviews and football games until the famous Grad Party.  Football is of extreme importance to you and the varsity season is coming to an end. It hits you deeply when you instantly think: wow, this is my very last football game. I will never have this moment or anything close to this moment ever again. “This is it guys, our last football game of our high school career.” There were tears that day. The next week you realize you do not have enough gas to go to the Hop In for lunch and have to survive off cafeteria food and the DECA store.  You and your crew hit up the lunch line and each buy a slice of hard pizza and stale French fries. Your S.M.H.A.D. hits you when you take your first bite and nostalgic tears began running down your face. You begin to question, how will I ever be successful and productive through my life without this food? Pizza like this is only worthy of a free public school’s cafeteria. This is it senior kid you’re one of us..