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    The Struggle

    Alright, before I get into this and really give you a lot of stuff to think about, I really want to emphasize this; I’m not a lazy person. Like everybody, I think there’s a lot of merit to working really hard. So really, remember this, I’m not lazy.

    But seriously, why do we have to do so much work?

    Throughout high school – in and out of class – they keep making us do work. I don’t know about you, and remember, I’m not lazy, but I don’t want to do all that work. I didn’t realize when I decided to take AP U.S. History that we’d actually have to read such a big book and take so many notes. So why do we have to do so much work if we don’t want to do it?

    Ostensibly we work so hard during school so that we can get into a good college. But think about it! What are we going to do in college? Sure, whatever, there’s broadening your horizons, partying, and all those things, but primarily we go to class. Then what do we do in class? We do more work! And then they give us work to do outside of class. To me, a person who isn’t lazy at all, that just doesn’t seem like a fair deal, making us work when we don’t want to.

    But obviously, you might be saying, the work you do in college and high school will let you make a good living and be financially secure. Now guess how you make that money? That’s right: you WORK. What’s up with that? Why don’t they just give us money? Why do they make us work for it?

    Sure, great, in the end you retire and then you’re happy I suppose. But to me, someone who, I assure you, is not lazy, it would make a lot more sense to be able to not do work for your whole life, and then start working when you turn 65, not the other way around. Better yet, we could just have it so nobody ever works and everyone gets everything they want whenever they want it. To me, that sounds a lot nicer.

    Maybe that system has some things that need to be worked out, like where does the stuff everybody gets come from. But that’s a small detail. What matters is that we’d all be happier if we never had to work. None of us signed up for doing so much work in our lives. I know I definitely didn’t, and even though I don’t really have a problem with working hard, I don’t think any of us should have to work.