Your second year of DECA now begins. G has now chosen you, yes you, to work in the infamous DECA Store. Your long awaited dream is finally smacking you upside your head. Your   expression has now exploded into gigantic face cramping smile. To think: G and the managers find you trustworthy enough to be their employee. You start off your first day cooking pizza twists. Since work is going slow today you finish early and notice there are leftover cookies that weren’t sold. You volunteer to go out and sell the last of the bags. With 10 bags of cookies in hand and wad of cash in your pocket you’re ready to go out into the cafeteria, a treacherous land where everybody is eye-balling your sweet, fresh cookies. You kindly ask “would anyone like a bag of cookies for a dollar?”

To which everyone responds “Hey! I’ll take them for free!” with a smarmy look of self-satisfaction on their face. Right as you’re about to leave the table of annoying freeloaders, one person finally pulls out a dollar and buys a bag.  Proud of your outstanding accomplishment of selling a single bag of cookies, you return to the store. You begin congratulating yourself on your work. But you realize that there are still 9 bags left. Due to your intense determination and hardcore enthusiasm you willingly buy all 9 bags of remaining cookies as your contribution to DECA. Over-The-Top DECA kid you’re one of us.