Spring sports under appreciated

Matt Campbell

Every year as football passes and the basketball season comes to a close there is a weird thing that happens for spring sports. Spring sports tryouts occur and athletes are cut or accepted as a part of the team. Several weeks of practice (The same as football and basketball) pass by and the first game/meet arrives. As the game starts one thing is missing… Where are all the fans?

This weird phenomena happens every year without a strong explanation. Sure football has been successful in years past but so has Liberty baseball making districts last year or men’s track and field that ended up getting 5th in state.  Success with football and basketball is ruled out because spring sports have been competitive for the past few years.

There is an obligation to go to football games because of tradition so maybe that’s the reason?  All grade levels want to go to football games for the high school experience but what about softball games? There is a lack of tradition for going to soccer or baseball games and etc… and the feeling to be obligated to go to a game isn’t there. This might be a key factor but other schools have large crowds for spring sports and years past there has been bigger followings for these sports.  Maybe the sports only appeal to upper classmen support because most spring sports have upper classmen participants so maybe underclassmen don’t connect with the players and don’t show up.

One of the last reasons could be the weather and the school year tearing down on students. Spring has been notorious for awful weather making fans weary to go to games. Also in the beginning of the year everyone is fresh and pumped for school after a long restful summer break.  This excited feeling for school leads to high attendance at sporting events. For spring sports however students are dealing with tests and the home stretch of school so they are tired out and don’t have time for spring sports events.

In all there are many excuses for the lack of fan support for spring sports but as a student body we need to give them some love. They were fans for our fall and spring sports and we should feel obligated and be happy to support our spring sports.