The Most Interesting High School Student in the World

This is just a day in the life of the world’s most interesting high school student—Chris “C-Money” Volk. Having spent most of his summer in Europe eating crepes and sipping fine fermented fruit juices, Mr. Volk returns to Liberty bringing with him a level of sophistication J. Franklin Jameson would be proud of. Imbued in his voluptuous facial hair, Mr. Volk’s intellectuality is second only to his amazing ability to make females swoon on sight.

Deep in C-Money’s messenger bag lies more than just the works of Voltaire and a few spare cigars; Mr. Volk has been known to prop himself against a tree on a sunny day and pull out his fabled first edition of the Gutenberg Bible. Other activities enjoyed by Mr. Volk are wolverine tracking and composing tanka-style poetry while listening to the mellow rhythms of Yo-Yo Ma.

This man of many tastes is on his way to the understanding of everything—he is the most interesting high school student in the world.