The Bridge to Terabithia

Known worldwide as the gateway to Narnia, the pathway to success, or the Golden Promised Land, the bridge from the parking lot to the gym has always been special. Constructed last year from the finest woods harvested from deep in the Amazon, and riveted with the bolts of Zeus, what’s locally known as the Bridge to Terabithia is where all daydreamers enter and never come back. Mr. Imes is a perfect example.

Now a rare sighting around Liberty, a wild Imes only comes out at night and only in the confines of the land he now calls home. Reported to have grown wings and become half horse because of his hybridized skill base, the former math teacher commands the attention of all those who are lucky enough to find him in the new maze of construction.

This mystical land is not home to just one mythical beast however, but hundreds of students who find themselves in the jaws of forced exercise and a perpetual cloud of B.O. What to the foolish looks to like a bare wood walkway actually hides more secrets and intrigue than Mr. Thruelson’s keyboard, and more mystery than Mr. Kurtz’s secret identity as Indiana Jones. The Bridge to Terabithia’s siren song can be heard throughout campus, so hide your Homecoming date and any freshman that you may care about, because dreamland is only a short walk away.