Choir: a student perspective

Sofia Kovalenko, Beat Editor

Q: What is the most exciting thing about choir to you?

A (Daniel Flash): I would say the most exciting thing about choir is being able to sing with other people. It is really fun. The thing I am most looking forward to already happened: we do this song called the “12 Days of Christmas down in Africa.” It is a variation of a bunch of classic Christmas songs put together and in the middle of it, I jump out and start singing the dreidel song. Feels good to represent the Jews.


Q: What is the upcoming choir festival all about? 

A (Emma Decasa): Choir festival is the main competition of each choir year: it is a time for us to show off our skills and how we have improved. We are hosting it this year, so we are inviting a bunch of high school choirs in the state to perform for panels of judges we also invite. The panel usually consists of experienced choral directors or performers, and this year, one of the invitees is Dr. Giselle Wyers who is a choral professor at the University of Washington. She will be hosting the clinic that each choir will have after their performance, giving feedback and directly working with the singers—which is always helpful.  Overall, the purpose is to get our skills assessed by professionals to see where we need to improve. But, in general, it is a great performance opportunity to show off our favorite pieces and interact with fellow choirs.


Q: How long have you been in choir and what keeps you there?

A (Ally Tribble): This is my tenth year of choir in the Issaquah School District. I’ve stayed in choir because I love singing and I love being a part of a group that can create music. I thrive when surrounded by other people who have a passion for music like I do. Some of the people I’ve met in choir have become some of my closest friends. I’m super excited about competitions and performing in front of an actual audience in person this year, especially because we haven’t been able to in years!