Enhypen: the dimension of answers or dilemmas?

Elizabeth Yan, Editorial Board Member

Dimension : Answer. World-renowned boy group Enhypen’s second album since their debut in November of 2020. With an intro, an interlude, an outro, and eight songs, this album was a smash hit that took the world by surprise. What makes it so special? Let’s analyze.

Intro : Whiteout – Calm and soothing. Read by Sim Jaeyun, or Jake from Australia. The hypnotic beat softly mixing with his Oceania accent makes me feel at peace, and as a second-semester senior, I don’t ever feel much at peace anymore. Honestly, I never really listen to intros of albums, and I came across Whiteout by surprise when I put the album on shuffle. The vibes are impeccable; I feel like I’m on a unicorn floatie, drifting in the ocean. But this intro does not prepare you for the songs to come by any means. 

Tamed-Dashed – Quite a jumpscare if you hop into this song right after the intro. A song with a strong beat and high energy that starts with a drop that sounds like a utopian robot world if it were song-ified. The chorus is a stroke of genius that no other group has ever touched on before; I can’t even explain how catchy it is. One of my favorite Enhypen title tracks ever (let’s ignore the fact that they only have four), probably because so much is going on that I feel like I’m riding a rollercoaster. Even the dance choreography is showstopping – they literally throw a football around during the dance break. The entirety of this title track simply blew me out of the water. It popped my unicorn floatie, blasted me to the sky, and left me completely suspended in the air. I am, once again, a second-semester senior who is not at peace. 

Go Big or Go Home – So catchy. It goes through my mind at least once a day. As someone who only speaks English, the line, “go big or go home,” is the only part that I can actually sing in my head, and I’m not mad about it. There’s a bouncy component to the track that makes me want to get up and do jumping jacks for some reason. And although the song distribution was pretty even, this was 100% Ni-ki’s song. GO BIG OR GO HOME! 

Attention, Please! – This song has my full, undivided attention. I feel it in my bones when Heeseung and Jay yell “Attention, please!” at the start of the choruses. And the chorus. It’s just so perfect. This song is THE dance song. It has the slow component, the quick-paced component, and the jiggy vibe that brings everyone to their feet and makes arms flail in an attempt to do Enhypen’s outrageous choreography. This is my go-to song when I want to blast something while taking a break from studying.

Blessed-Cursed – She’s definitely something. Something that the kpop industry has never seen before. I’m not quite sure how I feel about her yet BUT. But she’s growing on me. I’ve never looked at the lyrics before, but to me it feels like a cloud of black smoke that turns the whole world evil. The minor key feel to the song is a really cool addition that not many use in kpop, probably because it’s so controversial. And as promised, this song caused an uproar. From the title of “worst song ever” to being “just what kpop needs,” Blessed-Cursed has been through it all. My verdict? If I put it on repeat, I’ll probably grow to like it (for now though, I think she’s a bit boring).

Polaroid Love – Everyone is obsessed with this song. I am everyone. She’s the catchiest b-side that I have ever met; even though I don’t know Korean, I’ve memorized the entire song by heart, and the TikTok dance has been cycling in my head for two weeks straight. I sing it to my sister, write the lyrics when I’m supposed to be doing homework, text it to my friends, and force my brother to do the dance with me. This song just makes you want to get up, link arms with someone, and skip around the room. I don’t even understand the lyrics and it makes me think of my past relationships with everyone I’ve ever loved.