100 Gecs is taking teens by storm

Nicole Treece, Editorial Board

100 Gecs—you love them or you hate them.

 This new band has risen in popularity after their songs went viral on TikTok. Their most popular songs are “Money Machine” and “Hand Crushed by Mallet,” both having over 10 million streams on Spotify. Their most popular song, “Money Machine,” has 29 million streams. 

The number of streams isn’t what makes this band popular though; 100 Gecs’ music is different from traditional pop music today. It’s a mix of an up-in-coming glitch genre and pop punk. Some describe their music as abrasive and overwhelming, while others, specifically DIY Magazine, call it “a masterpiece in its madness.”

Although 100 Gecs first became a hit in late 2019, TikTok spread it to younger generations over the summer when “Money Machine” became popular, which led to the rest of their songs becoming well-known. 

One thing which makes 100 Gecs so loved by teens is that it’s a break from normality: teens can get lost in the heavy bass and clashing noises. 

“100 Gecs’ appeal must be the vibe: it’s like a feeling to let loose,” sophomore Ulises Fuentes Hernandez said.

With all the pressure to conform to society’s roles, it’s nice to listen to music that doesn’t. 100 Gecs offers the chance to be a teenager and listen to loud, obnoxious music—so why not take advantage of it?

“It’s a nice break from the normal music I listen to with the electronic sounds and lots of bass. It makes me feel happy, and I can always dance to it no matter how I’m feeling,” sophomore Allie Van Parys said.

No matter if you listen to country or rap, you should check out 100 Gecs new single “NEVER MET 100 gecs r3mix”—you might just happen to love it.

(Never met r3mix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=646C_ProQaI)

(Money Machine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z97qLNXeAMQ)