Festivals, concerts, and solos, oh my!

While you worry about buying Girl Scout cookies, the musical department of Liberty is busy with the intense, months-long festival season.

Daniel Flash and Amelia Nored


All of the music department conducts concerts throughout the year. Whether it’s performing at school or with another group, the Band, Choir and Orchestra all have something special to bring to the table.
In December, the Liberty Singers performed with the Sammamish Symphony at Eastlake High School and the Meydenbauer Center. They sang Christmas songs including A Holst Christmas and a take on Jingle Bells. Both the Liberty Singers and the Patriot Choir have an upcoming concert in March where they welcome Maywood’s choirs to sing, too.
The band’s last concert was on February 27 where all 3 bands dazzled the audience with their music.
“The songs we play are challenging, but it is satisfying to pull them off,” sophomore Logan Harris said.
As for Orchestra, their last concert was on February 6 when both orchestras played lovely pieces of music for their audiences. The Patriot Philharmonic prepared two while the Chamber Strings prepared three.


Choirs from many school districts surrounding Seattle all feed into the Eastshore Choir League, and various schools, including Liberty, participate in this event.
“The Eastshore Choir Festival just shows how you’re doing, and it’s also to perform for your peers. It is a chance to be heard and hear other groups,” Liberty choir teacher Robin Wood said.
This is not the only festival that recently occurred, though. The University of Washington Band Festival and Bellevue College Jazz Band Festival took place in February. Both events consist of bands performing a piece of their choosing and then working with an esteemed clinician to improve their piece.
Additionally, Liberty’s orchestras, Patriot Philharmonic and Chamber Strings, are getting ready for Orchestra Festival I andII respectively. Orchestra Festival I occurs on March 11 while the latter takes place on March 19. Each school gets 25 minutes at these events for their performance and play for their peers and clinicians.

All-State and Solo and Ensemble

Solo and Ensemble is a competition where groups or individuals prepare solos, duets, or ensembles to perform classical and traditional songs in front of a judge. Student musicians can register for Solo and Ensemble, and a number of Liberty students received superior ratings at this event.
“It’s usually between 50 to 70 kids that you’re competing against because there are so many districts that are entered into Solo and Ensemble,” Liberty choir teacher Robin Wood said.
Another event that orchestra, choir, and band members alike can participate in is All-State. All-State is an audition-only competition founded and run by the Washington Music Educators Association, or WMEA. Admission to an All-State group is based off of digital recordings that students send in playing the audition material. The All-State Orchestra concert was on February 15, while the All-State Band concert was on February 16. All-State Choir Festival took place on February 13-15.