Wacky and wild internet music genres

There are as many genres of music as there are songs. And like songs, there are niche ones that at first sound weird, but only get better. Here are three genres you may or may not have heard of, but should check out nonetheless.

Nathan Jackson, Editor In Chief


The perfect blend of 80’s corporate narcissism and smooth electronic synth. Vaporwave was created to be part counterculture movement, part pop nostalgia. This genre mixes sound bites from 80’s and 90’s commercials and jazzy electronic synths to create something that sounds like elevator music from the moon. But be careful, because there are two kinds: the good and the bad. The bad just slows down music to half speed and throws in a couple synths and sounds horrible. Avoid this at all costs, it will taint the entire genre. Good vaporwave is original and frankly funky. Check out Blank Banshee or Macintosh 420 to listen to the good stuff and get a sense of what the genre is all about. Sometimes bad, sometimes fantastic, Vaporwave is the genre of abandoned theme malls everywhere.


The only accurate way to describe Soundclown is “meme music.” But don’t write this genre off as a joke. Yes, it’s bloated with bad mixes and videos that barely count as music, but once in a blue moon, you’ll come across the best song you’ll ever hear.
You just need to sift through the layers of garbage to find a jewel. Obviously “We Are Number One Remix #24782347” will sound horrible and belong in a trash heap, “Uptown Funk/Mario Kart” deserves its own playlist. Soundclown also includes certain remixes and mashups. The best of Soundclown occurs when two separate songs are smashed together and the pure insanity sounds amazing, a la “All I Want for Christmas is You/Crank That Soulja Boy.”
Check this genre out, but be careful of the amount of bad music that persists.

Black MIDI

Want to hear what it sounds like to kill a computer? Black MIDI is for you. Called “Black MIDI” because it includes so many notes it makes a traditional music sheet look black, Black MIDI includes upwards of 93 trillion notes in one song. It’s impossible for humans to play, which is why it relies on Music Instrument Digital Interface to play the music. It sounds like a four-year-old who doesn’t know how to play the piano, and looks like a conductor threw up on a note sheet. Steer clear from this genre at all costs.