Battle of the Bands was cancelled… and it’s your fault

Here’s a riddle: five bands signed up to audition, yet none did. What event was canceled? As you probably guessed from reading the headline and not going to the event on May 17th, Battle of the Bands was canceled this year due to a lack of interest.
“It’s a shame, because students don’t get many opportunities to play gigs,” band and guitar teacher Jared Tanner said.
He organized the event in question, and has urged students to go out and play music. Amongst these students includes junior Jack Poile, who plays drums for The Mildreds, one of the bands which signed up.

“I started playing because I’ve always fidgeted and tapped on things, and I figured playing drums would be a natural progression,” Poile explained.
Both Poile and Mr. Tanner agree that the best way to start a band is to go out and meet others who like playing music, and that having a wide range of musicians around you helps immensely with your creativity in music.
While this is helpful in solving the question of how one makes a band, it doesn’t answer why the event lacked attention this year.
“I think people were just busy,” Poile said. “With the snow earlier this year, and with an earlier graduation date than usual, I think people just didn’t have the time to audition.”
While simple, the answer isn’t satisfying in the slightest. I would place the blame on two things: not enough people starting bands and writing music, and musicians in bands graduating without others coming in to replace them.

“It’s easier than ever for people to start writing music,” Mr. Tanner said. “Production software is cheap, and you can find tutorials for everything on YouTube.”
While writing and producing tracks is not necessarily easy, there are plenty of tricks to make it easier. Alongside the tips shown below, Poile suggests one thing: “Always listen to music.”