Halle Abel inspires a musical lifestyle

Mary Russell, Editor in Chief

Most people have a preference when it comes to music genres, but senior Halle Abel has none.
“I love blues, I love soul, I love alternative, country. I love it all,” Abel said.
Abel is not only an avid music listener; she is an active participant. She has been taking piano lessons for 11 years, and she has been a member of choir since sixth grade.
“Music is such a beautiful thing,” Abel said. “It’s such an amazing way to express yourself and to relax.”
The relaxing element of music is an important component of music—especially to Abel.
“Piano has forced me to put myself out there. At the studio that I play at, I’ve been forced to go to recitals. I would sit there and I would shake and shake, to the point where I wouldn’t be able to play,” Abel said. “I was taught to overcome the anxiety. Now that I’ve been playing so many years I tell myself, ‘Just go up there and do what you love.’ I love playing—I love it more than anything.” Following her independent journey of music, Abel now teaches piano and voice lessons to children.
“I got a job working at a piano studio in June of last year,” Abel said. “The opportunity arose to teach voice lessons to a little girl who wanted to learn how to sing. I said ‘Absolutely! That sounds like so much fun!’”
Abel’s goal is to inspire her students to become passionate about music, just like her. She uses a personalized teaching method to do so.
“If my students tell me, ‘I don’t like this song.’ I will say, ‘Ok, what songs do you like?’ or ‘Let’s try a different song,’” Abel said.
Abel’s fondness of music is not limited to only herself or her students. She also wholeheartedly enjoys sharing music with her friends.
“Just yesterday, I was with a teammate of mine, and she listens to a lot of rock and heavy metal. We sat in my car and went back and forth and shared music,” Abel said. “It’s funny that that’s a way that you can connect with somebody.”
If you happen to see Halle Abel around Liberty, recommend a new song or genre, and she will gladly take a listen.