Editor’s Pick

Album Worth Checking Out

Mary Russell, Editor in Chief

As a swimmer, I thought that I had a lot of experience with chlorine, but Twenty One Pilots’ new album Trench gave me a whole new perspective. This album features popular songs such as “Chlorine,” “Jumpsuit,” and “Morph.” Lead singer Tyler Joseph maintains a chill, authentic tone throughout the album, and he debuts his wide range of voice as well. However, while I listened to the songs, I noticed that the beats were very similar, and in each song there was apparent repetition. As compared to some of Twenty One Pilots’ previous hits like “Stressed Out” and “Ride”, this album features much more techno and rock qualities, but the same chill vibes still shine through. I much prefer the band’s old work, as I am not a fan of the so-called “electropop” genre that Trench falls under. The sound effects take away from the actual voices and instruments of the band. However, if I was a fan of this more modern style, I would imagine that the songs would be perfect car jams to hum along to late at night.