Editor’s Pick

Throwback album worth checking out

Krista Kroiss, Beat Editor

Although it is rare to say, it is true: there is no bad song on this album. The Van Halen album is home to Eddie Van Halen’s iconic guitar solo, “Eruption” and hits such as “Jaimie’s Cryin”, “Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love”, “You Really Got Me”, and “Running with the Devil”. The instrumental section of the band is led by the powerhouse Van Halen brothers, with Alex Van Halen on Drums and Eddie Van Halen on guitar. Eddie Van Halen’s guitar style, which includes challenging techniques such as tapping and harmonics, is still inspiring and influencing many guitarists today. Eddie Van Halen also utilizes many fun and interesting effects, such as the phaser on “Atomic Punk”. The personality of the band is also reflected in the singer David Lee Roth. Although he lacks some technical skills, Roth’s vocals carry an energy that perfectly matches that of the rhythm section. Although I would not recommend playing this album for an audience that does not enjoy rock music, the general high-energy of this album makes any of its songs perfect for a rock n’ roll party, especially with its many radio hits. Overall, the Van Halen album is essential for any Van Halen fan to know.