Editor’s pick: Perfectly Imperfect

Gabie Owens, Staff Writer

America’s Got Talent prodigy Grace VanderWaal found her passion while creating a new heart-warming album, Perfectly Imperfect. The 12-year old Kansas native debuted from her original song “I Don’t Know My Name” on the television series in 2016. Since then, Grace has become a musical sensation. Through VanderWaal’s young talent and passion for music, she seeks to sing heartfelt messages in her album. Her works like “Beautiful Thing” and “Clay” portray how love will always be shown and given, even through the toughest of times, like bullying. Her ukulele sets the tone and helps the listeners hear her quirky and beautiful voice. Perfectly Imperfect is a powerful album that will lead you waiting for more songs to come.follow a softer style.