Rap Gods of LHS share their secrets

Soraya Marashi, Senior Writer

You’ve seen them on Twitter. You’ve heard them on SoundCloud. The dynamic duo that can be equated to a mystical hip-hop fantasy has certainly made a name for themselves on social media as well as right here at Liberty.With their smash hits “Magma” and “The Patriot”, seniors Cameron Lautenslager and Pierce Suarez (better known as Cammy C Money and Trigga P Tank) have officially entered the rap game, setting a new bar for weird, nonsensical rhymes that are sure to make you question your very existence. Currently, Lava League has surpassed 3,000 plays on SoundCloud, but they are “just getting started”, according to Suarez.
Contrary to popular belief, these rap gods weren’t born with the lyrical genius they now possess.“We spent 30 minutes straight looking up rapper names on RapNameGenerator.com and that eventually led to us looking up rap group names on RapGroupNameGenerator.com, and what came up was Lava League…and that eventually led to our first track,” said Cam. “We usually just record our raps on our phones while we’re supposed to be working on LSN video segments, and just kind of see where our brains take us. Effort isn’t really our thing.”
In addition to their rhythmic prowess and strikingly good looks, the boys of Lava League have built up quite the fan base, consisting of their 43 followers on SoundCloud and friends of the boys here at Liberty. The duo can regularly be seen spitting hot freestyles at football games (by request only) and dropping a few bars in class while the teacher isn’t looking. The clever one-liners and at times self-deprecating humor incorporated into their lyrics has proven to be incredibly popular among the student body.
The duo has planned a Santa Clause roast for the near future in honor of the holidays, and is also working on organizing a big collaboration song with the other rap gods of LHS. “And also, if we get like 100 retweets on twitter, we’ll perform at Battle of the Bands in the spring,” says Suarez.
You heard it from them. Check out Lava League on social media.