Editor’s Pick: 22 a Million

McKenzie Fysh, The Beat Editor

Bon Iver’s third LP, 22 A Million stands in contrast to his older albums, which employed more folk and acoustic sound. With the use of casette tape scratches to create arranged glitches, autotune to produce processed voices, and ethereal harmonies made by a synthesizer, the result is a sound that is layered but also raw. This album earned universal acclaim by its high marks scored by Metacritic. Some of the most popular tracks from the album include “22 (OVER S infinity sign, infinity sign), decoded to mean 22, Over Soon. Other obscure titles include AThbREasT XX and “29 #Strafford APTS”, pronounced 29 hashtag Strafford apartments.Undoubtedly experimental, these obscure sounds hide messages of deep uncertainty. If you’re searching for music to break the norm, look no further.