Patriot’s photo makes it to the walls of the EMP

McKenzie Fysh, Staff Writer

How many high schoolers do you know that have their art featured in famous museums?
This spring, that was the story for senior Sara Bluhm, who was a winner of the On Snap photography contest at the EMP in Seattle, and was recognized by having her photo on the display wall at the museum.
Bluhm had gotten her first professional photography job to take pictures at the Ghost Town concert in November at the Vera Project, and was messing around to practice taking shots for the main act. Little did she know that she would snap a winning shot of the opening act, a photo of Tyler Smith of Danger Kidz immersed in the music.
“Before this, I had never entered my art into anything, shared, or posted my photos. However, my friend Mark Philpot told me about this contest, and I thought I might as well enter.”
Bluhm grew up surrounded by the arts, and this background eventually led to her passion of photography specifically.
“When I was in ninth grade, my mom, who is a professional photographer, gave me her old camera. I always had a love for music and the arts, but I never really picked it up until I went to the alternative music festival ‘Warped Tour’ in 2013.”
“I saw a bunch of photographers that got to tour with the band without having any music skills and I knew that was something I wanted to do..” Bluhm said.
“After this, I really started to get serious about photography.”
Since then, Bluhm has been hired to photograph more concerts and has started an Instagram page to share her snapshots.
Bluhm plans to pursue a career in photography next year at San Diego State University. Since San Diego is in a venue based area, she will have many opportunities to take photos at concerts in the area- not to mention multiple art museums for her art to be featured in.