Patriot Profile: Lexton Bunting advances his DJ career

McKenzie Fysh, Staff Writer

“Music gives wings to the soul and teaches it to fly,”
Sophomore Lexton Bunting grew up hearing these words from his mother. Little did he know that he would be a DJ, an intern at a professional studio, and the head of a mixing club at Liberty all by the age of 16.
“When I was ten years old, my neighbor in Ohio was the lead singer of Twenty One Pilots,” Bunting said. “I used to go to his house all the time and he would teach me music. Eventually I helped him to mix and master his first album.”
Fast forward six years, Bunting landed an internship at the Factory Music Productions, where he has had the opportunity to produce artist’s tracks and learn the intricacies of the sound board, all while gaining job experience.
“My favorite artist to work with so far is BlackBear. I was starstruck when he came into the studio; he is such an amazing artist. By the end of the session, we produced a track to his famous song, “IDFC”, which was actually performed at his Seattle Showbox concert this March,” Bunting said.
Bunting has also taken the steps to create a mixing club at Liberty, where other students can come and make music together. They use computer software to create unique mixes and experiment with various genres of music.
“That’s what I love about music: there are endless opportunities to create something different,” Bunting said.