Editor’s Picks: Two albums worth checking out

Lucas Meier, Beat Editor

Zayn’s “Mind of Mine”

Over a year after Zayn Malik left One Direction, he put out his first solo album called Mind of Mine. The world was used to sappy boy band songs from One Direction but ZAYN surprised us all with the mix of songs on this album. Songs like “PILLOWTALK,” “dRuNk” and “LIKE I WOULD” explore more adult topics like alcohol and sex. With heavier bass and a more electronic feel, Mind of Mine makes listeners forget they were listening to an ex-boy band member. While he still shows off his high tenor rage in “fOoL fOr YoU” and “BoRdErSz,” he has definitely transitioned to a solo artist with his own sound.

Birdy’s “Beautiful Lies”

Beautiful Lies, the third studio album by British musician Birdy, captures an artist who is becoming wiser from her gained life experience. The youthful lyrical beauty found on earlier compilations have evolved into rich storylines; her soulful piano ballads have become power anthems. Released on March 25, the album includes the singles “Keeping Your Head Up” and “Wild Horses.” Birdy continues to experiment with her signature vocal riffs, while this time adding elements of heavenly strings and shimmering bass beats. If you are searching for a masterful heart wrenching journey, look no further than Beautiful Lies