EDM enthusiast Voltapix launches his career

Sarah Bluhm, Photography Editor

Roughly 50,000 followers on social media, videos reaching over 1,000,000 views, and two years of sheer artistic genius has led one of our fellow Patriots down the unbeaten path of music production. Going by the screen name Voltapix (to maintain anonymity), this patriot agreed to do an exclusive interview so long as his name remained unstated.
Fellow patriot Voltapix began his musical journey in the summer of 2013 for no reason other than to fill time and pursue his passion for music.
“I started because I was bored and passionate about Electronic Dance Music and I played guitar and piano at the time. I would make little beats and the next thing I knew I was making songs,” Voltapix said.
Voltapix has been producing EDM Launchpad covers as well as creating his own beats beginning in 2013 with his cover of This Is Forever by Hellberg which hit 22,000 plus views. With time he has grown and reached the next level of production as shown by his Launchpad cover of Martin Garrix’s Virus which has reached a total of 4,098,430 views to date.
Inspired by fellow EDM creators Vicetone for their “uplifting and powerful beats,” Voltapix has written and produced over ten tracks and is in the process of writing four more. His main focus is currently a progressive house track which he hopes to release within the coming months.
Well versed in dubstep, trap, and chill step, your fellow patriot has collaborated with a multitude of other genre specific artists on YouTube such as AphixSky, M4dzi, Tim Murray, and Jacob.
“I’ve worked with people from all over. One of the New Zealand Artists reached out to me after seeing my post on Instagram for a collaborative piece,” Voltapix said. “It’s a passion so I want to keep moving forward with EDM and see where it ends up.”
While he chooses to remain anonymous to the Patriot family, Voltapix is taking the EDM channels to another level on screen. We can’t wait to see what this artist creates next.