Editor’s Pick

Anberlin New Surrender Euphoriometer: 9.8/10

Joel Tinseth, The Beat Editor

No matter the desired mood, no matter the situation and no matter the audience, “New Surrender” is the right choice. Though lead singer Stephen Christian’s songwriting typically revolves around petty pretty-boy topics such as relationships and teenage angst, “New Surrender” breaks this mold and carves a new path into more meaningful songs with fewer faults.

Anberlin’s sound in “New Surrender” is characterized by the seamless merging of contemporary pop-rock guitar riffs, a reliable and growling bass line, me-against-the-world vocals, and the drum tracks necessary to make it all happen. All of this is complimented by the occasional synthesizer riff and acoustic guitar, which adds even more depth to the band’s sound. Anberlin has helped to breathe new life into the stale genre of mainstream alternative rock.

With singles such as “The Feel Good Drag” that peaked at number one on the U.S. Billboard for modern rock tracks, and an overall ranking of thirteenth on the U.S. billboard and fifth on the U.S. Billboard’s top rock albums, Anberlin’s album “New Surrender” is arguably the gem of its seven studio albums.