Editor’s Pick

Breaking Benjamin Saturate Euphoriometer: 9/10

Joel Tinseth, The Beat Editor

Awesome Album Analysis:

The second highest album on the U.S. Top Heatseeker in 2002, Breaking Benjamin’s Saturate dances on the fine line between hard rock and metal. With a drummer that emulates the raw power of a Hammond-tuned BMW m6, a bass line so punchy that it could be convicted for aggravated assault, edgy, loud vocals and an in-your-face guitar coupled with tasteful solos and acoustic work, it’s no surprise that this album goes straight into our most cherished of post-grunge gems. Singles such as “Skin” and “Polyamorous” perfectly capture the potency of this band with their authentic and powerful sound that was clearly engineered with the sole intent of projecting the need to head bang to anybody within range. It is rumored that nine out of every ten Breaking Benjamin fans have required chiropractic attention after attending Breaking Benjamin concerts, with symptoms ranging from soar necks to stiff spines. Forget the triboelectric effect: if you want electricity in the air, blast this through it.