Artist Profile: Parker Simpson


Lucas Maier, Staff Writer

When listening to the radio these days, it’s hard to discern one band from another, and it’s difficult to find any truly innovative artists. But Liberty musician Parker Simpson is attempting that rare accomplishment of trying to create his own unique sound, and has just released his first example of it.

Simpson’s first experience with making music began with instruments that he made himself. Then he started playing the drums, guitar, ukulele, and banjo – and his passion has only been strengthened by the dynamic sound that he’s been able to create.

His album, Little Mouse Screaming Loudly in a Big Forest, released on the websites Bandcamp and Soundcloud, has an experimental sound that’s different from what you hear on the radio.

“I feel like my music isn’t really that kind of youthful sound. It’s something different, something that can open your mind,” Simpson said. “I want to create a really big atmosphere and soundscape for the listener – something different.”

Simpson listed the bands Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, and Fleet Foxes as some of his influences, and their experimental style is evident in his music. He uses layered vocals, guitar, drums, and synthesizer to create a deep sound that forgoes many of the conventional traits found in modern music.

Simpson’s album can be heard or downloaded now on