Drew, Dybing, and Dittmar are the dynamic…trio

These student arrangers take Patriot Pride to the next level


Joel Tinseth, Beat Editor

Ever since previous band director Phillip Donley went out with the world’s most persistent and passive flu ever, the band has had a hard time “philling” the gaps left by Donley’s copyrighted music arrangements that can’t be played in his absence.

Deep inside Liberty High School’s prestigious marching band are three talented student-arrangers; seniors Drew Brady, Sydney Dybing and Griffin Dittmar are stepping up to the challenge. With a combined sixteen years of musical experience and the ability to play ten instruments between the three of them, it’s no surprise that this group of musicians is able to leave such a melodic trail of success behind them.

From Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” to Europe’s “The Final Countdown,” Drew, Dybing and Dittmar have the band covered. When a group of people with this much talent are inspired by bands such as Home Free and the Bare-Naked Ladies, it only makes sense to expect great things.

Dittmar also spends time conducting the band while wearing one of those fancy hats and holding those fancy music-sticks. When asked about the euphoria he feels whilst conducting, he described at length the overwhelming feeling of unity and Patriot Pride, as well as how fun it is to be recognized for twirling one’s arms around in front of an ensemble of musicians and be credited for their skill.

Ever wonder how three students arrange nothing but the most euphoric pieces? First, after picking a song, they translate it into sheet music. The sheet music is split up into each instrument’s individual parts and is then distributed to the rest of the band—it’s like a rewarding version of foreign language class assignments. From there, band director Jared Tanner moves the music from the sheet to the band, and then it goes out to a sports game near you.

That is, if you attend sporting events. It is the highly esteemed opinion of the Beat Section that sporting events are only worth attending if there is live music. While operatic Italian is our preference, we occasionally delve into the abyss that is known as modern pop. Then again, we also spend most of our time chugging Red Bull mixed with Five Hour Energy.

Next time you show up to a sporting event, enjoy the music. Just like finally breaching the friendzone with your Homecoming date, you will be overtaken with a feeling of pure and unadulterated enlightenment. Let it replace some of that useless U.S. History stuff you crammed in your head last night; be appreciative of it. Just know that three of our own Patriots spent their own blood, sweat and tears masterfully putting together that smooth tune coming from the bleachers.