Artist Profile: Ryan Belaire


Joel Tinseth, The Beat Editor

While most of us were concerned with graduating elementary school and monitoring the US economy as it plunged into a recession in the year of 2007, we simply overlooked one of the most important events in contemporary history; seven years ago, Ryan Belaire played guitar for the first time.

“My favorite part of being a musician is performing live,” Ryan Belaire said. “There is no better feeling than seeing a song go from a thought in your head all the way to the stage.”

In the past seven years, Ryan has been hard at work writing music with Joel Tinseth in their band Foreclosure Notice as well as pursuing solo work as a guitarist. These seven years have amounted to over ten live performances that show off Ryan’s arsenal of guitars and his roots in classic and contemporary rock that shine through during his cutting and powerful guitar riffs and masterfully assembled chord progressions.

“When it comes to song writing, less is really more,” Ryan said. “If you start with something simple, it’s easy to expand on, but if you start with a complex riff, it makes it really hard to write anything good.”

While this nugget of musical know-how may not be too insightful to the most of us, its meaning is illuminated in Ryan’s songs. From “Hidden Beach” to “Silver,” Ryan’s unique voice and pragmatic songwriting style combines to make a one-of-a-kind sound that you just simply won’t hear anywhere else.