What’s Liberty listening to?

Radio stations provide quick access to a variety of music genres. After surveying 200 Patriots, Liberty’s top radio stations are as follows., along with commentary from anonymous fellow Patriots.

Rebekah Campbell, Entertainment Editor

KUBE 93.3

“KUBE plays popular music, usually keeping to hip-hop and rap music.  They also have old-school lunch, which is what I appreciate.”

KISS 106.1

“I listen to a lot of top charted songs and KISS consistently plays them. Jackie and Bender are also very entertaining to listen to.”

THE END 107.7

“Most other stations play all the same songs, but 107.7 is all about ‘new music discovery!’ They also play The Artic Monkeys more than anyone else.”

KMPS 94.1

“I enjoy listening to country music because of the genre’s simplicity, but prefer 94.1 KMPS because I spell country with a K.”